Luwemba Charles

November 21, 2019 11:22 am

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

Shuttered dream redeemed by PaCT

Although my childhood dream was becoming a medical practitioner, I had completely lost hope of achieving my desired career after I completed “A” level with 20 points in 2007 and advised to food vending due to lack of university tuition. 

Having come from a polygamous family with ten siblings, my father who was a taxi driver had indeed tried his best to support me up to “O” level before he lost his job. My mother who was a bar attendant in the suburbs of Mityana then had to take care of my fees together with my other 4 siblings. With this perturbing situation at home, I had no choice but to let my young siblings benefit from the hardly earned resources that were available my mother.     

After failing to join university, I resorted to doing manual work at the construction sites. While I was doing this, I had this friend of mine known as Lubwama Peter who had a sponsor from PaCT then known as Mityana Uganda Charity. One evening when his sponsor was over in Uganda, he asked to go with him to Enro Hotel to see his sponsor which I happily did. I never knew such an escort visit was the turning point of my life. At Enro, his Sponsor Ann Potts Rosemary (RIP) was with her friend known as Maggie Samea, who after having quite a long time of interaction was impressed by my “A” level results decided and willingly offered to pay my University tuition. This was a miracle happening in my life, I never believed and even up to know am still asking myself how it happened. I always pray for Magie and her generous heart has not only benefited me but rather my entire family.  

In 2008 I was admitted for Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy at Mbarara University of Science and Technology and graduated in 2012. After my graduation I worked in various places as a Pharmacist including R&T Pharmacy in Palisa, Kwikiriza Pharmacy in Iganga and Kampala Medical Chambers Hospital before my sponsor Magie connected me to Supreme Care Pharmacy in Dubai – United Arab Emirates where am working since 2017.

My job in Dubai has earned me and my entire family a lot of joy and economic progress. For instance, I have supported four of my siblings’ education including Cate who previous completed her Diploma in Laboratory Technician from Mulago paramedical school, Cosmas graduating in December 2019 with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Kyambogo University and Bridget who is currently in her 3rd year undertaking a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance at Kyambogo University.  Once in while I also endeavor to support my parents where need arises. I feel so blessed and luck and I thank God that I have been able to achieve all this in such a short time after my graduation. 

I give recognition to the PaCT founder Ms. Jean Ajin for the visionary dream of starting this great organization and the entire management under the charismatic leadership of the Executive Director for being so transparent and ensuring the donations from the donors get to the target beneficiaries or else I wouldn’t be what Iam today.  

My family is indeed transformed and am I have no doubt that my siblings will leave a well empowered and self-sustaining life and support other needy people in our society. 

My future plans

Having reached my siblings this, am now determined to give back to my community in different ways by sponsoring children that are in a situation like that I was twelve years ago. 

My wife Daisy and I plan to establish a first class pharmacy back in Kampala to contribute towards ensuring availability of genuine drugs on the Ugandan market.

Am always delighted and will always Praise the good Lord for having redeemed my dream through PaCT, am a true reflection of “Community Transformation”