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Those wishing to sponsor a child through our UK sister Charity (The Mityana Charity)please click here .

Those from other countries that wish support and change lives of many of the vulnerable children from the impoverished families we support please fill in this form and submit it to us. Be sure to receive feedback from us within 24hrs.

When you select a child for sponsorship, you will personally be connected to him or her and their family, you will share your passion with them through continued communication including letter writing. They will also get to know more about you through what you share with them. It’s our obligation to ensure your donation is put to good use in order to create a big life difference in the child’s life and his or her entire family altogether.

You can sponsor by donating as follows;

  • Primary $356 or £ 300 a year ($119 termly)
  • Secondary $499 or £420 a year ($167 termly) Please note there are three terms a year