October 11, 2019 8:45 am

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

I was inspired to support the building of the Rwamashengyero Clinic when I read about the Mityana Charity or PaCT as it’s known in Uganda and all that it had already achieved with health care in the area. When they told me about plans for a new clinic due to the numerous challenges that we being faced by mothers, I knew this was something really important that I could contribute to save lives of mothers and their babies. I was a medical herbalist for much of my working life. It seemed terrible to think how heavily pregnant women were having to travel on scooters or walk to get medical assistance, and that children might lose out on inoculations. I was fortunate to be born in a wealthy country, and am aware that much of that wealth came at the expense of others which motives me to support. Helping to build the Rwamashengyero Clinic which currently benefits approximate average of 370 people a month is my small contribution to the wonderful people of Uganda.

I’m so glad the clinic is already proving useful to hundreds on Ugandan and I have no doubt that it’s greatly improving their quality of life. I was equally motivated and encouraged to support by the high level of transparence and accountability exhibited by PaCT and her sister Charity, The Mityana Charity in UK.

I shall follow its progress with great interest.