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Visit Our Projects

It’s always exciting to visit and physically witness projects implemented by the team in Uganda. Our visitors get to interact with PaCT staff, sponsored children, visit homes and schools of sponsored children and community members. Our visitors also get the opportunity to visit other community projects including, Water, sanitation, hygiene and school projects, coffee plantations among others. Since Uganda is largely gifted with unique tourist sites, we always encourage our visitors to utilize their last visit days and take safaris to destinations of their choices and vist the beautiful sites of the Pearl of Africa. Prominent places among them include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Ziwa Rhino , Wildlife Ranch, Ngamba Island, Rwenzori Mt National Park, Kibaale forest National Park, Source of the Nile, and the Equator among others. PaCT staff will always help organize these trips. PaCT always welcome any visitor that wishes to see their projects. If you wish to visit our projects please contact us at

Join Ms. Jean Ajin for the 2024 Trip

In 2024, Jean Ajin the founder of PaCT will be making her 16th trip to Uganda since 1995 with a team of over 10 friends and sponsors. These will visit between “11th to 21st Feb 2024. For those interested in joining Jean Ajin,  fill the form below or Please contact us on