Improved attitude and practices of Pupils to WASH services

Basic sanitation is defined as having access to facilities for the safe disposal of human waste (feces and urine), as well as having the ability to maintain hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collection, and wastewater treatment and disposal.

PaCT works in partnership with government offices and schools to reduce the pupil latrine stance by constructing latrines with emphasis put of girl friendly latrine that have a changing room, running water, waste disposal bins and can provide safe and private space for changing sanitary towels during their periods

Constructing changing rooms for the girls has helped reduce girls absence in schools since they have a private room where they can privately change their sanitary towels from with running water and then go back to class when they are smart and clean.

The inclusion of boys during school sensitization on Menstrual Hygiene Management has helped reduce stigma for the girls since boys are aware that this is a normal process that every girl is supposed to face and it doesn’t necessarily mean that one is mature or too old for school and get married.