Who we are

Our Background

PaCT is a Ugandan National registered non-for-profit making organization affiliated to The Mityana Charity a registered charity in the United Kingdom to coordinate resources and support PaCT development projects in Uganda. We currently operate in six districts in Uganda that include Mityana, Mubende, Kiboga, Gomba, Kyankwanzi and Kassanda. Our community based programs strive at improving the well-being of all families we serve, partnering with them for a self-sustainable society. We are a non-denominational and political organization respecting all religions and cultures in communities where we work.

PaCT was previous known as Mityana Uganda Charity a name that was geographically mis-representing our area of operation. In 2017 the organization embarked on a wide consultation exercise with different stakeholders which resulted into organizational being re-branding as “Partners for Community Transformation” PaCT in February 2018.

PaCT attributes it’s growing success for over two decades now on direct community engagements with the local communities and leadership combined with a committed and professional team of staff working happily to create lasting smiles for the people we serve. To achieve long-term community based sustainable development, there is need for integration of key services such as education, health care, human rights and Economic empowerment for a
stable society.

Partners for Community Development office building
PaCT head offices in Mityana – Uganda

Our Vision

“A Healthy Community Free from Poverty, Illiteracy and Human Rights Violation”

Our Mission

“PaCT exists to support and transform the lives of vulnerable Ugandans to attain a stable healthy and recognizable life in the society.”

Our Values

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of PaCT and they guide our actions and behavior. They also influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.


Team work

Transparency & Accountability


Respect for humanity

Our objectives

Improved equitable quality education among vulnerable children.

  • Strengthened Early Childhood Development systems in schools
  • Increased access to quality education.

Reduced mortality and prevalence of diseases in communities

  • Increased access to sustainable clean and safe water
  • Improved maternal and infant health in communities
  • Increased knowledge and practices on communicable disease prevention in supported communities

Improved Equality and Gender Responsiveness in community

  • Reduced abuse of the rights of vulnerable persons in communities
  • Reduced Land related conflicts for improved harmony in society
  • Increased Stakeholders accountability and responsiveness towards addressing inequality, and gender related cases & violations

Improved Standards of living and self- reliance for economic empowerment in communities.