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Our organisational structures highlight the important components of decision making and implementation that work together to realise the organization’s vision. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the organization’s top decision-making body, although the Board continues to offer supervision to management and oversee policy formation. The founder’s forum is not involved in organisational decision-making, although it can be consulted by the Board on general direction and resource mobilisation for PaCT’s programming.

The Senior Management Team (SMT) has a strategic goal of enhancing the organization’s span of influence, assessing the broader repercussions of failure, addressing the scope of the organisation, and leading resource mobilisation to help the organisation accomplish its intended Strategic Objectives. The rest of the management team participate in programme design and implementation, with assistance from their respective project and programme managers.


  • Annual General Meeting
    • Board of Directors
      • Executive Director
        • Finance & Admin Manager
          • Accountant
          • HR and Admin
            • Support Stuff
        • Program Manager Community Health
          • WASH Coordinators
            • WASH Officer
          • Maternal and Child Health
        • Program Manager Education & SEE
          • Sponsorship Coordinator
          • SEE Coordinator
        • MEAL Manager
          • M & E Officers
        • PM – Partnerships, Communication & Resource Mobilisation
          • Resource Mobilization Officer