Our History

The birth of Mityana (U) Charity began in 1994, when a vicar (Rev. Derek Burden) from St. Sebastian’s Church Wokingham visited Mityana District in Central part of Uganda approximately 77Kms from Kampala the Capital of Uganda. On his return to UK Rev. Derek encouraged many other individuals to visit the Pearl of Africa and Mityana region in particular and enjoy the beautiful geographical features as well as helping to transform the needy communities there.

PaCT founding members

Through this encouragement, Jean Ajin (Mrs) later visited Uganda in 1997 and later many other well-wishers like Ann Potts Rosemary and many others kept enjoying annual trips to Uganda. Whenever, they would come, they tirelessly extend their helping hands to the needy children in Mityana and all these visits later led to the foundation of Mityana (U) Charity in 1995 now known as Partners for Community Transformation (PaCT).

A key partnership with The Mityana Charity, was set up in the 1990s by a group of committed Christians based at St Sebastians Church, Wokingham. With this partnership, the charity supporters have expanded significantly in Berkshire, in order to aid programme implementation of PaCT. The Mityana Charity -UK was therefore formed and registered in UK to mobilize funds to ensure successful implementation of different projects in Uganda.PaCT is led by a Board of Directors and has a small but strong and focused administrative unit headed by the Executive Director. Since its establishment in 1995, PaCT has grown to widen its scope of operation from education sponsorships to include; WASH, Health and Human rights projects. The organisation has also expanded its coverage area from Mityana to five districts.