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Improved access to sustainable clean and safe water

PaCT largely focus on creation of water access points including drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes, protection of spring wells and installation of rain water harvest water tanks to institutions such as schools and health units. We are considering starting innovations on bulky water supplies that can extend water to households through piped water systems. We also construct shallow wells however this technology is slowly fading as they have been discouraged largely by various stakeholders including the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Spring well protection

Our interventions aim at protecting the spring from all forms of contamination and produce high

Gravity flow water systems

In places where the springs are located located uphill from the target population, we protect all

Boreholes and Hand-dug/Shallow wells

Our aim is to drill new ones and restore or rehabilitated the broken ones because of the abundant

Rain water harvest systems

PaCT has therefore worked with individuals and institutions from around the globe to provide over