WASH in schools

In July 2021, PaCT started implementing a WASH project entitled WASH Model Schools of Excellence in Kiboga District – Muwanga Sub-County with support from our partners Blood: Water. A baseline survey was conducted at the beginning of the project and the findings have been used to inform project implementation. The aim of the project is to create 5 model WASH schools of excellence, impacting behavior change and 85% coverage of safe water hygiene and sanitation among surrounding communities.

To achieve this, the schools acted as the project entry point and consequently the center of project implementation with deliberate strategies to influence and impact the surrounding communities.

Several activities have been implemented in schools and at community level including;

  • Rehabilitation of 01 borehole
  • Construction of 01 shallow well and 07 water tanks within 5 schools and surrounding communities.
  • Establishment and training of 35 members of Water Management Committees (WMCs) to support the operations and maintenance of established wells.
  • Distribution of 100 ceramic water filters to the selected projects schools and most vulnerable households.
  • Engagement of learners in hygiene and sanitation promotion, menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and sexual reproductive health activities, supply and training of 3 schools with materials and tools for the production of Reusable Menstrual Pads (RUMPS)
  • Conducting training meetings with Parents Teachers Association (PTA) on their role in sustaining WASH in schools
  • Construction and/or renovation of 5 gender sensitive ventilated Improved Pit Latrines for both boys and girls
  • Construction of 10 hand washing stations in the project schools
  • Conducting house-to-house hygiene promotion activities and improving nutritional outcomes in communities surrounding the 5 project schools.

These activities are targeting at least 2142 learners and 200 households.

The project is being implemented in the selected 05 schools including Kigoma C/U Primary School, St. Kizito Ndiraweeru Primary School, St. Joseph Muwanga Primary School, Nakasengere C/U Primary School, Kakibwa C/U Primary School and the surrounding communities.

Using the WASH Model Schools of Excellence approach, the schools act as the center of project implementation with deliberate strategies to influence and impact the surrounding communities/villages. It focuses on ensuring that the whole school community carries out the three key hygiene practices:

  1. Using improved sanitation facilities
  2. Washing hands with soap or ash at critical times
  3. Drinking safe and clean water.

Working towards the achievement of a WASH friendly schools, the project strives at ensuring that teachers give lessons on good hygiene practices in the classroom, students participate actively in making and keeping their school WASH-friendly, teachers, student, parents, and the whole community work together to promote good hygiene by ensuring that there are facilities and conditions for practicing improved hygiene in school and home.