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Although we endeavor to ensure that our beneficiaries are provided with whatever is crucial for them to access quality education without much trouble, we often realize that there are quite a number of items we can’t meet with the sponsorship donations yet important to their day to day life.

It’s therefore on this reason that we welcome one time donations from well-wishers who can’t make long time commitment due to one reason or the other. Such donations are very fundamental in ensuring that our beneficiaries effectively benefit from the program.

Form for one time donation (This donation is not a long term commitment but it’s a one off donation. However one is free to donate again in future. Please see the cost of each item below;

Donate towards a 04 Classroom Block Construction$27,500
Donate towards School staff accommodation Construction$12,000
Donate towards Community Centre Construction & Equipping$90,000 – $150,000
School Computers $670
Bicycle$110 / £89
Solar light$55 / £44
Water filter$44 / £36
Set of beddings$55 / £44
Mosquito net$8.0 / £6.7
Sanitary towel/pads for a year$10 / £8.0
Annual medical support for one child$50 / £40.5
Other itemsOpen

Make a donation by filling the form below.