Launch and updates of new land project in Kanoni, Kyegonza and Maddu sub-counties , Gomba district 2023

December 5, 2023 6:26 pm

Published by Jovanice Arinaitwe

In a collaborative effort with GIZ, we are proud to have launched the second phase of our Land Rights Project that aims to enhance land productivity and foster harmonious living between landlords and tenants in Kyegonza, Maddu, and Kanoni Sub-Counties, Gomba District. This initiative aims to map 13,000 land parcels and resolve 80% of emerging land conflicts by June 2024.

To ensure the project’s success, a comprehensive engagement strategy was employed. We began by briefing 39 district and sub-county leaders, providing them with insights into the project’s goals. Subsequently, the first stakeholder meeting invited all Local Council 1 (LC I) chairpersons in the target sub-counties, parish chiefs, CDOs, and the SAS, to foster grassroots acceptance.

To build the capacity of local leaders, we trained 21 participants with essential knowledge and skills in land management, in order for them to play a pivotal role in disseminating information during the village-to-village awareness campaigns.

The project also facilitated landlords’ meetings, providing crucial insights into responsible and ethical land management. Training sessions conducted by Mr. Byantalo from the Ministry of Lands and Urban Development focused on the concept of Certificate of Occupancy, boundary opening, and powers of administration for maximizing land-related benefits.

A three-day training at PaCT head offices formed the Alternative Dispute Resolution committee, comprising 21 participants with conflict resolution skills to promote peaceful dispute resolution. The subsequent land awareness campaigns the three sub-counties, which are still underway, emphasise the importance of social justice, conflict reduction, and empowering rural communities in making informed decisions about their land resources.

In October this year, our Monitoring & Evaluation department led our first quarterly review meeting with key project stakeholders and Land Focal Persons, in order to track the project’s progress.

We are proud to share that the project is well on track in aiding tenants to complete the necessary forms for obtaining Certificates of Occupancy (COOs), positioning them well for the upcoming mapping process. Our land clinics are now underway, which provide an opportunity for free legal advice and mass land awareness, marking significant progress in our journey to empower communities, reduce conflicts, and improve land management practices. The ultimate goal remains to equip people with a stronger voice for advocacy and effective engagement with stakeholders in addressing land-related challenges.