Aimey and Dawin Mayberry

January 12, 2023 3:02 pm

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

To whom may be thinking of going to Uganda & volunteering with PACT & La Marc Coffee, you can whoosh away all your worries, because you will be in good hands with the team put together to explore every department PaCT & La Marc Coffee have! First of all, Geoffrey Kinaalwa, the executive director invited Darwin, I, our daughter & son in-law to stay at their beautiful home in their two-guest rooms with their family! We were blessed to stay with his lovely family and the team at PaCT that scheduled our field engagements.

Our engagements included; making sanitary pads with the children, playing different games, home visit to Jjajja Sarah’s, 90-year-old widow & my sponsored grandma, who was overjoyed to meet us, attending the grand opening of the third maternity ward PaCT has built from their beautiful, kind hearted donor Andrew and Sarah Dodd, visited different wells constructed by PaCT with support from Water 2 Thrive ,Darwin & I went down with no hesitation to drill for a few minutes and then went to the next well to install the final knobs & handles, wrote letters with some of the sponsored children and taught them how to rise bikes.

Geoffrey arranged for us to go on a Safari! WOW! To be in a discovery channel video is life changing! We stayed at the Queen Elizabeth National Park & it was so amazing to wake up to the hippos snorting & the elephants grazing nearby! A tour of the malls in Uganda was also an amazing experience!

In our last week we learnt about La Marc Coffee and getting involved in picking coffee beans, sorting, drying, production and packaging.I really enjoyed meeting the girls & holding their babies! This filled my heart with joy to know that this is our future generation! These Godly young women are so beautiful, strong & hard working! They need us to support them & their dreams of a bright future!

On our last day at PaCT, we enjoyed the luncheon, dance from the sponsored children and shared some sodas and sweets with the children. The people of Uganda are welcoming with kind gentle souls, big hearts & are always smiling!

I hope this helps you to know that Uganda is a home away from home! 

Many Blessings!

Aimey & Darwin Mayberry