Blood Water Partnership Summit 2023

December 7, 2023 11:20 am

Published by Jovanice Arinaitwe

At the close of the third quarter of 2023, PaCT’s commitment to knowledge exchange, collaboration, and leadership development took us to Nairobi, where our Executive Director and Communications, Partnerships, and Resource Mobilization Manager actively participated in a Partner Summit hosted by Blood:Water.

This collaborative gathering convened various organizations, fostering an environment of shared insights and collective strategies for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) initiatives. Among the distinguished participants were CABDA, COPRED, DOW, Lwala Community Alliance, BOH, FOCCAD, OLPS, Rafiki, and PaCT. Anchored by the theme “Succession Management & Leadership,” the summit provided a crucial platform for vital activities geared towards organizational growth and impact.

A highlight of the event was an insightful discussion with the Executive Director of Blood:Water, who generously shared his two-decade journey of making a meaningful impact and his visionary outlook for the organization. This personal narrative added depth and inspiration to the overarching theme of the summit.

The exchange of ideas and experiences contributed to a rich understanding of effective leadership practices within the realm of public health and community development. The dynamic atmosphere extended to booth exhibitions, showcasing the impactful work of WASH and HIV/AIDS partners. This provided a unique opportunity for networking with friends, collaborators, and potential funders who engaged with the exhibits. The diverse range of perspectives and initiatives on display underscored the collaborative spirit that drives positive change in the social and environmental landscape.

The summit reached its pinnacle with a special graduation ceremony, honouring the Lwala Community Alliance for its remarkable 15 years of service with Blood:Water. This gesture underscored the importance of effective leadership transitions and succession management in maintaining the momentum of impactful initiatives.

Such summits play a pivotal role in our ongoing commitment to networking, learning, and capacity building. Beyond the immediate gains, they contribute to the broader narrative of positive social and environmental change, reinforcing the interconnectedness of organizations dedicated to making a lasting impact on communities and the world. PaCT remains dedicated to these invaluable platforms, where collaboration becomes a catalyst for positive transformation.