Sserwadda Enock

November 21, 2019 11:26 am

Published by Partners for Community Transformation

Coming from a very poor back ground, with a few memories of my mother who lived shortly before I recognized her with totally no memories of my Dad who also went to be with the Lord, before my mother brought me to this world, never closed for my success, thank you PaCT for the unconditional loving hand extended to me. 

At 9 years, in primary three at Mityana Orphanage Primary School, a staff from Mityana Charity now known as PaCT approached my school for the neediest orphans finding hardships with fees to be supported. It was indeed God’s working that I was chosen among the many children that needed that support. I lived with 85yrs old grandmother and older sister in a small rented house and these are the only family members I know about in my life. The fact that my grand ma was very old, I took the biggest responsibility of looking for money to supplement on what the grand ma used to get from selling sugarcanes. Personally I used to vend jackfruits on the streets of Mityana every evening. In fact, it’s from kind of kind of unpleasant lifestyle that my head teacher got concerned and recommended me to PaCT.

Given that fact that I was still younger, at that moment I didn’t realize so much the meaning of having a sponsor who I later came to know that my sponsor was Mrs. Lizzie McKenzie. I noticed that the coming of Lizzie into my life, even changed the feeding at home changed from one meal in the evening to two meals a day.  My grand ma was a sugarcane grower and she had planned that once I complete primary seven I would carry on the business and support my sibling as the grand would be too old then. 

At primary seven I emerged the best at my school in the Primary Leaving Examinations, I joined Mityana Secondary School, one of the best schools in Mityana that I had never dreamed of to attending. While at Mityana Secondary School I enjoyed all the services the same way those coming from well off families and this made my studies and life very motivating. I was encouraged to read my books with high concentrations to ensure I achieve my dream of becoming a medical practitioner.  At this time my sponsor through PaCT was even providing for my meals during my school holidays. 

In 2013 while in senior four my grand ma died and leaving me and my sister in a very old mad-house. She had really grown old and weak but knowing that we had a sponsor behind us, she lived a happy life in her last days. After my Advanced levels I, joined Butabika School of Psychiatry in 2016 for a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, a course I completed in 2019, now awaiting graduation.  

I currently, work as a General Clinical Officer at Mityana Health Centre III and also Volunteering with Santa Maria Medicare in Mityana town which offers medical services to PaCT sponsored children. In addition, I offer free psychiatry services to PaCT sponsored students to ensure their retention in school as well as referring those identified to have serious mental issues that need to start treatment, and endeavor to monitor their adherence to drugs.

Am very grateful to my generous sponsor Lizzie who sponsored me throughout my education, the entire PaCT management and The Mityana Charity in UK for having worked hard extend that parental support at a time I needed it most. I have witnessed many of my colleague in the same category like me benefiting from this organization. 

Many blessing to PaCT.